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Hair Masking Service

In the graphic world, image masking in photoshop service is one of the most important and valuable services. It is applied to isolate some selected parts of the image. It also repairs the damaged or distorted parts of the image. If there needs to remove the background from an image that has soft edges like outside hair or furry cloths or any other types of fur, then the image masking technique can be applied. This technique is applied for the soft edges of the image. It is also to mention that in image masking, the shape of the photo will remain unchanged.

Hair Masking

Hair Masking in photoshop service provides your image details hair cut-out. image masking service in photoshop more helps to your e-commerce solution.

Hair Masking

Hair masking is all hair parts and details cut-out. So hair masking help to your business up.

Image Masking

If you need model hair details so You will need to hair masking service. It makes your image a natural look and professional.

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Photoshop image masking is very much closer to the clipping path. Photoshop clipping path removes background from an image and the image masking removes the background along with the subject without making any change in shape and other details.

Categories of Image Masking Service

There are some categories of image masking service of Photoshop depending on the types of images. Various masking tool in Photoshop is applied to make various types of image masking and they are described below:

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Layer Mask: Photoshop layer masking is a manual design work by an expert hand. It changes the opacity of the picture in some specific portion of the image. Generally, if anyone changes the opacity of the picture in a layer from Photoshop opacity plate, then the opacity of the whole picture will be changed. But if the layer mask is used, the different opacity can be set in different parts of the picture.

Alpha Channel Mask: It is a quite different technique than the other ones. If there is needed to separate an object from the background that needs to edit the brightness, contrast, exposure, color, etc. then we save it to Alpha channel. The file size also lighter in this format. If in the image subject, there is scattered hair or fur, then the Alpha Channel masking is perfectly useful. In this masking technique, the photo quality doesn’t reduce.


Hair Masking: Hair masking in Photoshop is applied when the fur or hair has very soft edges. So this is not so much easy technique. There are a huge number of curves and thinner parts exist in hair or fur. So, using clipping path Photoshop will not give the perfect result for these types of the picture to remove the background. So, hair masking in Photoshop needs to apply here for the perfect results.

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Refine Edge Masking: In some images, there may have some rough edges that make problems to blend layers. To solve this problem, Photoshop refine edge masking is applied to soften the edges.

Transparent Object Masking: In some pictures, there may have some objects like glass, car glass, bottle, water, etc. which are transparent and have 0 to 5% opacity. For these types of pictures, when changing the background, the transparency and the same opacity need to have in the changing background. In this case, transparent object masking is applied to retain the same transparency and opacity.

Object Masking: In some images, there may have some extra, unnecessary or unsuitable parts which need to remove. In that case, the extra or unnecessary parts of the image are selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by using the layer mask. This is called object masking.

Color Masking: Color masking is used to apply the various color effects, exposure, etc.

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