• Ghost Mannequin Service
  • When You do you new cloth image shot then neck back side don't shot this. Then it need to help you.

Ghost Mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin Service is a digital process of displaying your products to the consumer without any physical displaying. Another name of this process is neck joint service. It is used to display your products in an invisible mannequin in product photography. It is used for various brands, photographers and retailers. This technique is applied in garments as if the clothes were placed in an invisible mannequin. This service is especially needed for fashion retailers. In this presentation, the customer can understand how they will look wearing this cloth and also they will visualize the total looking and getup of the dress perfectly.

Ghost Mannequin

Clipping Path Photoshop provides high-quality ghost mannequin service. This service needs your online sell and ads.

Ghost Mannequin

Neck joint service for online product selling and store use. When your cloth image selling online or web page use then you need this service.

Ghost Mannequin

T-shirts and uniforms need to ghost mannequin service when you do a new photo shot. Clipping Path Photoshop provide you one of the top services for you.

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For live mannequin, you need to have mannequin dolls which will be expensive and also it occupies enough space for your business organization. To avoid this problem, ghost mannequin is the perfect way to display your product like live mannequin without having any extra space and expenses. This is the smartest digital way to display your products. In modern internet-based business world, we cannot think about any business without online displaying. The online-based shop, fashion photography, clothing photography and retailers need this service to capture the market for their product.

ghost mannequin service, neck joint service, Clipping Path Photoshop

For ghost mannequin service, Adobe Photoshop is commonly used. It has many wonderful tools, features, and effects by which the expert designers can finish the neck joint and retouch the work with the clothing products. The following are the steps to have a better ghost mannequin service to display your products to consumers in an attractive way.

  1. First of all, before taking the snap of the dress, you need to make the dress properly clean and iron. No small spots or curves will be there at the time of taking photographs.
  2. Then you need to shoot some photos of the product wearing in a mannequin and without wearing in mannequin from various angles.
  3. Take the snap of the front and rear view of the dress.
  4. The camera position and the lighting needs to remain unchanged.
  5. Use Photoshop tools and features to make the perfect and attractive ghost mannequin.
ghost mannequin service, neck joint service, Clipping Path Photoshop

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Service:

  1. 3D/360 degree Ghost Mannequin Effect: It creates a 3D effect of the mannequin displaying front, back, and the other angles. For this service, the pictures need to take from various angles of the dress and the process of this displaying is very much lively and attractive.
  1. Neck Joint in Ghost Mannequin: If the dress is removed from the mannequin, it creates an empty space at the neck. We join the back of the neck and front part and give the full shape to make a real ghost mannequin. The products like the shirt, jacket, trouser and lingerie items are used for this type of mannequin service.
  1. Bottom Joint: This service is needed for the garments that have a long tail. The back part may be longer than the front part. In that case, the designer has to remove the mannequin from such a product and join the bottom part in Photoshop.
  1. Sleeve joint on Ghost Mannequin: In this service, there needs to remove the mannequin from the hollow part of the sleeve and then make the ghost effect. Any type of dress with a long sleeve is perfect for this service.

For any type of ghost mannequin service, we need to make a transparent or invisible mannequin for the products to show from various angles. Clipping path Photoshop is applied in the front and inner parts. Then the background needs to remove. Also Photoshop retouching, color correction, contrast, brightness, etc. are applied to create a lively view.

Our designer team is very much expert and have a long experience to make ghost mannequin for many products which have been widely accepted to consumers. We are waiting for you to knock and try at least trial work and hope you’ll be fully satisfied with our quality and service.



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