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Drop-Shadow Photoshop Service

Drop shadow photoshop service is the most important service of photo editing to display the product in an attractive way. Generally, the photos taken in cameras are not commercially presentable in raw format. It needs to modify to display in a visually pleasant and attractive way. Your product photos should have an extra attraction which will impress the consumer to the product instantly. To serve this purpose, shadow creation in image helps to impress the clients and add an extra value to your required product image. Drop shadow is a technique in Photoshop to add a grey and black shadow under the original layer of the photo. It is also very important to maintain the correct proportion between the original image and the created shadow. Also, need to maintain the proper direction of the shadow. Thus the image of the product will be improved and attractive by adding shadow or 3D effect in the image.


Providing drop shadow photoshop for your online product. Clipping Path Photoshop also an expert in this service.


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Providing photoshop shadow text or product. Clipping Path Photoshop help to you photo natural and professional.

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Generally, these types of effects are applied to the image of the product photos of clothing items such as shirt, pants, T-shirts, trousers, lingerie items, etc. Product items such as pen, book, furniture, wallet, mobile, jewelry items, etc. Also, drop shadow can be applied in portrait images, group images, landscape images, etc.

This is one of the top services of Photoshop photo editing service and day by day the demand for the photo shadow service is increasing among all the photo lovers. Generally, designers use clipping path in Photoshop to remove the background of the image but this is not enough to make an attractive image. There are some techniques to apply in the photo to beautify the image. Image shadow masking is one of the top techniques among them.

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There applied few techniques in image by using Photoshop for shadow creation on image such as remove background of the image applying clipping path or image masking, remove the unwanted spots and noise of the photo, retouch the photo for color combination, white balance, setting proper brightness, reshape the photo subject, applying 3D effect, etc. and finally using all these techniques, make the product photo in an attractively presentable look. After final finishing, these photos can be used in websites, catalogs, brochures, social media sites, digital media, newspapers, magazines, ads, etc.

drop shadow photoshop, photoshop shadow effect, photoshop shadow text, clipping path photoshop

Categories of photo service:

There are a few categories of Photoshop shadow effects that we offer for you. Some of those areas below:

Drop Shadow: Image drop shadow is a visual effect that looks like a shadow of the main image. It can be created by using Photoshop filters. The shadow will look like a real one from various angels with proper opacity.

Reflection Shadow: A shadow on the surface of the photo will be created looked like the reflection of the subject which is lively. It needs a reflective surface like glass, reflective tiles, watery surfaces, etc. It can be done using Photoshop mirror shadow in the image and can increase the visual impression quality. This shadowing service is applied to pharmacy products, cosmetic products, bottles, electronic equipment, etc.

Natural Shadow: In some products, background reflection cannot be applied under the surface of the product and in that case a natural shadow should be created under or beside the main product. When the background is changed or the product is placed in another background, then the natural shadow should be created and should apply in the image with proper and proportionate adjustment.

Text Shadow: Photoshop shadow text is applied to the text that you use to describe your products. This shadow on the text will add an extra effect on the text than the normal text which will attract the attention of the viewers.

If you like to get the best professional photo shadow service, you can contact us without hesitation because we have an experienced and expert team who are executing various drop shadow services effectively for many years. Our creative team can make various types of excellent drop shadows as per your product categories to present your photos more visually pleasant, attractive and acceptable to others. Moreover, we can offer you this service at a very reasonable and cheaper price with a short lead time which will save your time and money. Also, we have a special discount offer for bulk quantity orders..



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